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The purpose of this site is quick access to information that may be needed during an Owen County Indiana emergency.
Bloomington Amateur Radio Club

Our fellow amateurs and neighbors.

Indiana Section ARRL Website
Information for all Indiana Amateur Radio Operators. The INARRL is the web page of the Indiana Section of the ARRL.
American Radio Relay League
The national association for AMATEUR RADIO ...
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty...
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service a protocol created by the FEMA and the FCC...




We are becoming an active club again. We are having interesting programs. We had a field day last year. The first in about 8 years. We have added another net night. Tuesday 7PM on 28.400 USB. I don't know if net Control is the same or on rotation. You can join this net without belonging to the Club.


We will be having 4 test sessions in 2010 at the Spencer Christian Church, Corner of Montgomery & Market St. @ I OAM on March 20th, June 19th, Nov 20th and Aug 28th at 1 PM @ the Hamfest, Spencer Fairgrounds. You need to bring ID and copy of your license if you are upgrading your ticket.


A club can be (1) a staff of wood welded as a weapon (2) a stick or a bat used to hit a ball in a game (3) a playing card with figures of a black clover, or (4) an association, persons for some common objective.
For or our purpose, however, Section 975 (b)J(2) says that a club must: 1) be composed of at least four persons, 2) have a name 3) have a document of organization, and 4) have a primary purpose devoted to Amateur service activities consistent with FCC Part 97.
Our club consists of more than 4 people with a variety of interest which pertain to Amateur Radio plus other hobbies. Some even belong to ARES & RACES or both. Hopefully some of our members will come up with some new ideas to enhance our club events.


Some of us meet between 8AM and 9AM for breakfast or just a cup of coffee @ Chambers Restaurant which gives us a chance to chat before the meeting and then go across the street to the Christian Church. We will try to have the program announced on the club KB9MZZ repeater. The club now has a web site which will be upgraded as needed. To access the site go to www.owencountyARA.org


Club dues are collected for the July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011 in June. The dues are $12.00 for a full membership with voting rights and $6.00 for associates. The dues help to pay our expenses. Please help keep the repeater in operating condition.


The repeater is there for any ham to use. Join us on our regular Wednesday night net @ 7:OOPM. The net control is now on a rotation schedule. If you would like to be added to the net control list, check in and let us know. The KB9SGN 146.895 repeater is being used the first Wednesday of each month for ARES weekly net. This is being done to remind us we have a working backup repeater here in Owen County.


We will have our first official committee meeting in April even though we will have some advanced flyers at the 3 events in March. We will have the final flyer with the entire Vendors etc. on it for the July Hamfest in Indianapolis.
Would we have a better hamfest if we had some crafts for your wives or significant other? We are trying to make our event more interesting for those who attend. We are looking for suggestions to improve our event.

While looking through some old newsletters for some ideas, I came across the following aims and goals for the future of the club. These were what our club decided in the 1990's. I will update as I go along.
l. Expand our Membership
a. We gain a few and lose a few due to moving etc. We now have 26 members and we had 10 when we were chartered. It would be nice if we had more of the approximately 80 in the county as associate members at $6.00 a piece which would help us update our repeater again as it is around 10 years or more old.
b. Contact all new amateurs and those moving into the county by radio or letters and invite them to our meetings.
2. Offer to provide Event communications for Owen County Organizations
We provide communications for the Apple Butter Festival parade form up, participate in Simulated Emergency Test, Weather Spotting. Other events we are asked to provide communications.
3. Conduct VE Test Sessions
We have 4 each year March, June, August & November
4. Fund Raisers
Hamfest & Apple Butter Festival
5. Monthly Meetings with programs
We are somewhat successful at this. We have the following each year.
a. National Weather Bureau
b. ARES Information
c. Emergency Management Update pertaining to Amateur Radio
d. Miscellaneous other programs of interest to the members
6. Club Equipment
a. Hamfest (Swap Meet) signs
b. Tent to be used for various events
c. Miscellaneous items needed for our various activities
d. We have the loan of an expandable tent, lighweight tables & chairs and other items for the events. Miscellaneous items needed for our various activities
7. Repeater Owned by the Club
We had a wish list for a new or used repeater, tower and site.
Our wish came true with a Grant for a new equipment, which is known as the KB9MZZ repeater system
Site and Tower became the County Tower with the consent of the County Commissioners with the understanding we will have liability insurance on the club.
Now we have a new wish for funds to up date or replace our equipment, as our equipment is around 10 years old.

Jan 6th Reviewed Emergency Communications Manual
Feb 20th Weather Bureau presented by David Tucek
Mar 20th EMA Jack White County Update for Hams
Mar 20th VE Testing 10 AM
Apr 17th PSK-31 Digital Communications & Jim Baughn
May 15th 9AM Breakfast only @ Chambers
June 19th Slate for Election of Officers & Field Day Preparations
19th VE Testing
25th & 26th Field Day
July 19th Election of Officers Program TBD
Aug 21st Hamfest Finalized & Apple Butter Festival Planning
Aug 27th 6PM Set up for Hamfest
Aug 28th Hamfest
Sept. 28th Apple Butter Festival Meeting Parade Communications
Oct 16th Critique Hamfest & Apple Butter Festival
Nov 20th Program TBD
20th VE Testing 10 AM
Dec 18th Program TBD

If you would like a program on a specific topic or want to give a program or write something for the newsletter, please let the Secretary know at K9inu@arrl.net or 812 829 2140


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