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The purpose of this site is quick access to information that may be needed during an Owen County Indiana emergency.
Bloomington Amateur Radio Club

Our fellow amateurs and neighbors.

Indiana Section ARRL Website
Information for all Indiana Amateur Radio Operators. The INARRL is the web page of the Indiana Section of the ARRL.
American Radio Relay League
The national association for AMATEUR RADIO ...
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty...
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service a protocol created by the FEMA and the FCC...

The Hilly Hundred

October 8th - 10th 43rd Hilly Hundred

The following is from Thomas E. Myers, Lt Col, US Army (Ret) KC9IRG

We have 19 hams signed up so far and could use up to 25. Of course, if anyone has bicycle racks to mount on their vehicles, so much the better.

The Bloomington Amateur Radio Club (BARC) will meet this coming Friday, 1 Oct at 7 PM in Wegmiller Auditorium at Bloomington Hospital. On the program is a discussion of details for this year's Hilly. Any interested Hams are welcome to attend. There may be a few volunteer applications available at the meeting, or anyone interested in volunteering can email Catherine Dusing (cibamom@aol.com), and she can send one their way.

Our NCS will be at Ellettsville HS. Saturday's route will be in western Monroe and eastern Green counties. Sunday, the route goes through mostly northern and northwest Monroe County. We're going to use the Monroe County (164.64) repeater, Simplex, and APRS. We'll probably have to remote a site to boost our coverage in Greene County. I've checked out the other repeaters in Owen and Greene, and don't think any of those can help us on the Saturday route. I can provide more info if you're interested.

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