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Applebutter Butter Festival

September 18th 2010

Tom N9PDC speaks with a parade marshal at the south gate of the fairgrounds while Stu W9HRZ looks on.

Don K9LME watched Cooper Street

Steve K9RTO
Steve K9RTO holds down his post at Main and Clay Streets

Keith N9TXK and XYL watch on Main Street
Keith N9TXK and wife watches activities on Main Street

OCARA Parade Float
As the float passed by the reviewing stand the announcer, Anton Neff, said "The Owen County Amateur Radio Association provides coordination communications for the AppleButter Festival parade marshals and reviewing stand. They also provide safety communications for bike-athons, walk-athons, marathons and other events.
As trained storm spotters they work with the Indianapolis National Weather Service and Owen County Dispatch tracking severe weather and also provide damage reports to the Monroe County American Red Cross.
For more information, check their website www.OwenCountyARA.org"

(Editor's Note: The photographer forgot to get pictures of two radio amateur participants. Kate K9INU was on the reviewing stand to notify the announcer of the status of the parade. Also John WD9BKA at the corner of Cooper and Main was left out. This website sincerely apologises.)

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